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10/26/2020 5:28:42 AM
and western Tennessee (defined as the area along Highway 51 beginning at Memphis to Union City and the Reelfoot Lake area). Awarded to African American students who have graduated from Little Rock ...

10/19/2020 5:00:00 PM
McCoy, Ross Malone and yours truly had the honor of joining Worley and Jeff Archie for two days in the Ducks Deluxe blind on the Walnut Gap section of Reelfoot Lake. Prior to our trip we had ...

10/16/2020 8:38:48 AM
US Geological Survey
A notable area of subsidence that formed during the February 7, 1812, earthquake is Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee, just east of Tiptonville dome on the downdropped side of the Reelfoot scarp. Subsidence ...

10/15/2020 1:56:00 PM
Here in Middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky, earthquakes are not something many people think about, but experts say you should.

10/13/2020 12:00:00 PM
Kim E. Hopkins, age 80 of Mattoon, IL passed away at 3:45 p.m. on Sunday October 11, 2020 at Hilltop Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation in Charleston, IL.

10/1/2020 3:18:00 AM
Could it be that the best cure for cabin fever in the middle of this ongoing pandemic is simply to rent a cabin? With 21 of our 56 Tennessee state parks offering cabin rentals, it could be an easy — ...

10/1/2020 3:10:00 AM
Other parks like Reelfoot Lake State Park offer "premium" modern cabins that include the comforts of home with fully-equipped kitchens and satellite tv. At the other end of the spectrum, ...

9/30/2020 5:20:00 PM
Daily American
For this piece I will use the course of a great river to illustrate my view of history. The Mississippi Missouri is the good example of this concept. As with any river, it starts in some no name field ...

9/30/2020 7:39:03 AM
US Geological Survey
Reelfoot Lake, in the northwest corner of Tennessee, stands today as evidence of the might of these great earthquakes. Stumps of trees killed by the sudden submergence of the ground can still be seen ...

9/28/2020 5:00:00 PM
Wild Side camera crews have captured such stories as an adventurous canoe trip among eagles and ancient cypress trees at Reelfoot Lake, the thrilling challenges of navigating whitewater ...

9/27/2020 9:09:00 AM
Mike Hayes and I are sitting on the patio of Blue Bank Resort, the business he owns on Reelfoot Lake, in Tennessee. The sun is going down. It's beautiful. What really catches your eye here is the ...

9/18/2020 5:05:00 AM
The air is fresher, crisper, clearer, and filled with soft autumn breezes and the promise of upcoming holidays and (hopefully!) warm family gatherings to celebrate them again. And the steamy green ...

9/16/2020 5:00:00 PM
Fall brings crisp, cool air, apple and pumpkin picking, spine-chilling ghost & cemetery tours and festivals like the Reelfoot Lake Arts & Crafts Festival; Hatchie Fall Fest; Bell Witch Fall ...

9/7/2020 1:15:00 PM
Reader's Digest
The Great River Road—following along the mighty Mississippi River is the granddaddy of all road trips. Get ready for the experience of a lifetime.

9/7/2020 12:48:00 PM
Once you leave Kentucky you'll find yourself in beautiful Tennessee. Be sure to make a stop at Reelfoot Lake State Park in Tiptonville, an underwater forest created when an earthquake caused the ...

BoatUS News
SPRINGFIELD, Va., September 2, 2020 – A new video from Wildlife Forever, funded in part by a BoatUS Foundation Grassroots Grant shows watersport boat owners how to easily follow “Clean, Drain, Dry” at the boat ramp to help prevent the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS). Support for the video also…

BoatUS News
SPRINGFIELD, Va. September 1, 2020 – For the nation’s 12 million boat owners, Labor Day weekend is the last blast, with many enjoying the end-of-summer boating ritual with family and friends aboard, according to Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS). The national advocacy, services and safety…

BoatUS News
SPRINGFIELD, Va., August 31, 2020 – Last year, 76,418 recreational boaters had a reason to summon nonemergency, routine assistance from TowBoatUS, the nation’s largest on-water towing service for recreational boaters. Accidentally running aground, dead batteries and dead engines were the chief culprits. Instead…

8/29/2020 5:00:00 PM
In other items at the meeting, the TFWC voted to withdraw a rule and follow TWRA’s recommendation that no changes be made concerning the required permits to hunt and fish on Reelfoot Lake ...

8/29/2020 12:17:00 PM
Aurora Advertiser
Deer season opens in less than a month. Dove season is in only a couple of weeks. The temperatures will become cooler and fish will get busy putting on ...

8/26/2020 7:01:00 AM
Along the southern shore of Tennessee's Reelfoot Lake, a well-known state park, bald cypress and oak trees also showed symptoms of dicamba exposure this summer. Nathan Hoover, a forest health ...

8/24/2020 11:19:00 PM
Daily Journal
Before I had my driver’s license, I took my parents’ car for a joy ride. They were supposed to be gone overnight. But when the bag phone rang and I saw my home number as the caller, I knew I was in ...

BoatUS News
Aims to increase fishing line and soft bait recycling by tapping the public for ideas ANNAPOLIS, Md., August 24, 2020 – Have you ever wondered how old, discarded fishing line is recycled and reused? You may be surprised to learn that turning fishing line into new products is labor intensive, requiring a series of…

8/23/2020 11:14:00 PM
The Republic
Before I had my driver’s license, I took my parents’ car for a joy ride. They were supposed to be gone overnight. But when the bag phone rang, and I saw my home number as the caller, I knew I was in ...

8/23/2020 12:12:00 AM
News Tribune
fishing Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee, learning how to ski behind his boat, not to mention all the breakfast feasts he'd prepare after our morning deer hunts. I was determined to make this hunt ...

BoatUS News
PROVIDENCE, R.I., August 11, 2020 – With the move to phase 2 of the Rhode Island Fiberglass Vessel Recycling (RIFVR) Pilot Program to address the disposal issue of recreational boats, project managers have released “Facing the Legacy: Lifecycle Solutions for Fiberglass Boats.” The short video shares the…

BoatUS News
SPRINGFIELD, Va., August 5, 2020 - More first-time boat buyers are getting on the water this season than in summers past. Along with the boat, many new owners also find themselves shopping for boat insurance for the first time. What are the most basic things new boat owners should know about buying a boat policy? BoatUS…

7/28/2020 5:01:00 PM
The Reelfoot Lake exhibit is home to crappie, sunfish, Map Turtles and sturgeons. The aquarium’s Flooded Amazon River exhibit displays peacock bass, giant South American river turtles ...

Water Resources Outlook (July 2020)

7/26/2020 2:41:00 PM
Take a One Tank Trip to Reelfoot Lake! By: Kate Scott If you've always longed to see a Louisiana bayou, maybe you should just "buy you" a tank of gas to Reelfoot Lake State Resort Park instead ...

7/25/2020 5:00:00 PM
Times Free Press
The greatest of those tremors registered greater than 7.0 magnitude and created Reelfoot Lake in Northwest Tennessee. * Jan. 4, 1843: Severe earthquakes in Memphis registered an VIII intensity and ...

BoatUS News
SPRINGFIELD, Va., July 22, 2020 -- While a boat’s name can be as varied as the owner at the helm, certain themes do stick out, according to Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS). The national advocacy, services, and safety group has issued its annual list of Top 10 Boat Names, which it compiles from…

7/21/2020 12:45:00 AM
The club is at 1628 West Highway 22 between Union City and Reelfoot Lake. Obion County Sheriff Jerry Vastbinder says the fight started inside the bar around 11 p.m. Saturday and spilled over into ...

7/18/2020 5:00:00 PM
Times Free Press
The law covers all public waters except Reelfoot Lake, according to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. The wildlife management area at Reelfoot Lake allows harvesting of nonendangered ...

7/18/2020 1:30:00 PM
Although most of the Mississippi Alluvial Valley in this area is located to the west of the Mississippi River, fertile floodplain soils can be found in ever-increasing acreage upstream from Memphis, ...

7/17/2020 4:59:00 PM
That meeting just wrapped up at Reelfoot Lake Friday morning. Wathen said they estimate Tennessee's elk hard at 350 to 400 animals. That is up from an estimate of 300 to 350 at the same time last ...

7/16/2020 3:29:00 PM
WPSD Local 6
Lake County, Tennessee, Mayor Denny Johnson says the number of active COVID-19 cases in his county was listed inaccurately by the state for weeks.

BoatUS News
SPRINGFIELD, Va., July 14, 2020 – With summer boating season in full swing, it’s now common to see recreational boats being filled up at gas stations across the country. However, making sure the right fuel gets in the boat’s tank isn’t always assured: 54% of consumers in a recent Harris Poll…

BoatUS News
SPRINGFIELD, Va. July 13, 2020 – The coronavirus pandemic is leading to more recreational boats and paddlers hitting the water, all trying to have fun in a safe way. So what are these two groups doing this season to safely share more crowded waters?“Ultimately, it’s about looking out for each other,&rdquo…

7/12/2020 5:00:00 PM
Union City – See Birds of Prey as Reelfoot Lake State Park staff present an educational program at Discovery Park of America. Memphis – Featuring more than 40 classics Motown: The Musical is ...

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